Meet Elijah Desmond


Career & Experience

Elijah Desmond was born and raised in Navarre, Ohio, and is a proud graduate of Fairless High School. He started his college career early at the age of 15 and went on to graduate from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene.After college, he moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, where he started and managed 11 different businesses. He now resides in south Florida with his wife and two daughters. Elijah is currently traveling the world and speaking in multiple places a month. He has spoken over 700 hours since graduating in 2009. He is best known for his energetic and engaging form of speaking, and he is adamant that a fun atmosphere is essential to learning. He believes this philosophy so much that he started Smiles at Sea, an international dental conference on cruise ships! Regardless of where you hear him speak, audiences are provided with life tools they can start implementing immediately.